Our goal: to promote the understanding, protection and thoughtful management of Woahink Lake and its watershed and ecosystem.

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Water Quality 

is a responsibility for all

Announcement Relative to 303d listing of


Siltcoos Lake 

Dunes City Troubles

To revise Comprehensive Plan 

in order to eliminate citizen involvement

6-13-13    audio


Becky Ruede-James Mills-E Scarberry-D Wells-R Anderson

Decide Citizens' Importance in

9-12-13 Meeting

Woahink Lake Association Testifies
Proposed changes for the Mid-coast Basin Program

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Midcoast Program    DEQ's Mid-coast Basin Program

Presentation to City Council   8-9-12


August 11, 2012                       August 3, 2011

LUBA Agrees

Dunes City Must Have A Septic Ordinance

~ LUBA Remands ~

Dunes City attacks Woahink Lake -- again

Dunes City Refuses to negotiate for Water Quality 

Oregon Coast Alliance to DC Council 11-9-11 

ORCA addresses Planning Commission 10-26-11

Oregon Coast Alliance responds to DC+ 8-10-11

Dunes City Comprehensive Plan Dictates Protection of the Lakes

Local Residents Comment   

Clean Drinking Water      Clean Water Act

Septic debate still awhirl

BY AMY BARTLETT  Siuslaw News  8-6-11

Citizens Speak Up

What do you think?

Woahink Water Quality Information

Woahink Lake is part of the Clean Water Act

Local Sole Source Aquifers

Places to visit for the mobility impaired *

Woahink Lake's Seven Generation Future
How to live cooperatively in Dunes City

Jackie Fern with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality at a Dunes City Festival of the Lakes Event discussing the importance of Dunes City's septic system maintenance for water quality.

Water permits, volume and the

weir Outlet Control Structure

See what's happening with the

Siuslaw Watershed Council


^ Riparian Plants Available ^

Oregon Public Health Division  ~  More regarding the 2011 Tenmile lake advisory  ~  Algae Facts Brochure

Woahink Lake is located both in Dunes City and coastal Lane County, Oregon.

Learn more about your lake's stewardship.   

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